Product life cycle brief

The more detailed it is, the easiest it will be to use it. These case studies can be found on our 10x website. Indeed, some of the best success stories from either top—down or bottom—up have been successful because of an intuitive, yet unconscious use of the BEATM methodology. All processes, their applications, relevant metrics and data that follow the product through its lifecycle need to be carefully studied and their effectiveness critically evaluated.

Establish a group to own and update the PLM framework and corporate roadmap To make the PLM and its output a permanent feature in the organization rather than alone project, it is a necessary step to form a special team to work on making the PLM process sustainable and ensure its continued relevance to the organization.


The top—down assembly is sometime known as a "control structure". The more relevant and reliable a product is, the more loyal its customer base and in turn, more sales when this loyalty is converted to purchase behavior. Accuracy and consistency was enhanced because drawings and documents were stored in a central repository in their database.

Although this does not necessarily reduce the amount of manpower required for a project, as more changes are required due to the incomplete and changing information, it does drastically reduce lead times and thus time to market.

When our customers turn in a phone, our goal is to see if the phone can be reused. These isolated systems meant that for anyone to be shifted across a division, there would need to be significant resource allocation for retraining activities.

Keeping a good mix of new, refreshed and established products can help stabilize your revenues, and give you predictable growth. This process can help identify any incoherent or disconnected areas and work on streamlining these.

The Challenge Pre PLM, all information was isolated which resulted in issues with sharing information quickly and easily across groups.

Including in the marketing brief are the product and packaging requirements such as the product category, desired function, color, odor, texture, size, etc. As an additional protection to our customers, once we receive a device, we wipe it of customer-saved data.

Productivity One more benefit of common and easy to access information is increased productivity. Through this entire complex process, teams have to work in collaboration to meet deadlines and respect product launch date. There will be occasions where a great new product or fantastic marketing campaign will create such a buzz that sales take off straight away, but these are generally special cases, and it often takes time and effort before most products achieve this kind of momentum High costs: These assemblies of files constitute a template from which a family of products can be constructed.

Similarly, if a new product design is to be sold to the customer, the marketing unit should have sufficient time to plan for and promote this in the market to generate interest. Obviously predefined associative models will not be able to predict all possibilities and will require additional work.

All manufacturing requirements are also taken into account very early in the design process, allowing work to begin on making these available.

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In these files the components are detailed; this is where the classic bottom—up assembly starts. Ramp up production volumes to meet demand. There are also continuous changes in the production and distribution costs over the product life-cycle.

Which can be measured in terms ecological soundness i.

5 Main Stages of Product Life Cycle

Jun 29,  · Most products follow a predictable rise and fall in demand over the course of their lifespan.

That's referred to as the product life cycle, and knowing where your products fit. The Product Life Cycle model describes how products go through the four phases of Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline after they are launched. Each phase requires a different mix of marketing activities to maximize the lifetime profitability of the product.

The idea of the product life cycle has been around for some time, and it is an important principle manufacturers need to understand in order to make a profit and stay in business.

Product Life Cycle; The AT&T Issue Brief Library. Our issue briefs provide a summary of key topics. Download all issue briefs for a comprehensive overview, or use our issue brief builder to generate a customized PDF download with your selected topics.

Download Product Life Cycle [pdf]. What is the Project Life Cycle? In professional services, unlike other businesses, their product is their people.

That is, professional services lend their expertise to other companies in exchange for profit. Due to the constant involvement of clients, professional services require a unique project life cycle that involves a recurring. The product life cycle is an important concept in marketing.

It describes the stages a product goes through from when it was first thought of until it finally is removed from the market. Not all products reach this final stage.

Some continue to grow and others rise and fall. For successful products.

Product life cycle brief
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A Brief History of Product Lifecycle Management