A discussion on superfund contamination clean up

Confused about Bridgeton, West Lake landfills? Here's what you should know

Some homeowners, they said, did not want to know about the site's history so they could avoid the burden of having to provide disclosures to potential buyers.

Please see the final plan here. But in Januarythe 13th Court of Appeals in Houston ruled against them. Many believed he was on some sort of crusade to destroy Woodwind Lakes. Shell says the homebuilders were "fully informed" of the site's history and the environmental investigations during the mids.

But they were bluffing. The Andersons belonged to that world. Hospitals stocked up on three days' worth of supplies and checked the functionality of their generators.

He didn't count on them not wanting to know. Image courtesy of the EPA. They mingled at the same parties for years. Three of the "areas of concern" identified more than a decade ago remain under federal and state investigation.

What is Superfund?

Two of the environmental companies hired by Shell to investigate Woodwind Lakes in the mids also claimed years later that their files had been lost or purged. In Marchwe first published this story to help answer some key questions about the situation at this complex of landfills in north St.

But the hostilities expressed against Paul and Cheryl Anderson -- which resulted in the Andersons' successfully suing another homeowner for slander -- offer a uniquely revealing look at the extent neighbors will go to preserve property values despite inherent risks.

Although Regulatory Guide 1.

About the Superfund Cleanup Process

Village board members considered voting on a resolution to authorize the Mayor to sign the agreement once it was finalized, but chose to wait until the final agreement was prepared and available for public review.

Already jittery from the constant crank calls and anonymous hate mail, they immediately sprang to their feet.

Hurricane Irma

The federal agency found no evidence that radioactive material had migrated offsite. In MayRepublic Services estimated that at its closest point, the fire was 1, feet away from the radioactive waste.

But the year-old president of Lakeland Development Company made the unwise decision not to investigate the entire property slated to become Woodwind Lakes prior to its purchase in the early s. Sampling will continue to ensure the system's effectiveness as it operates independently.

At the end of the day, this is an environmental justice issue:.

Final Cleanup Plan and What’s Next

The Contaminated Site Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN) Web Site provides information about innovative treatment and site characterization technologies to the hazardous waste remediation community.

Bioremediation uses microorganisms to degrade organic contaminants in soil, groundwater, sludge, and solids.

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The microorganisms break down contaminants by using them as an energy source or cometabolizing them with an energy source.

The Gowanus Canal was placed on the CERCLA National Priorities List (NPL) in March CERCLA, commonly known as Superfund, is a federal statute aimed at cleaning up sites that are contaminated with hazardous substances. Health Hazards of Chemicals.

Commonly Used on Military Bases. The chemical exposures of men, women, and children on military bases in the US are well-established. Paul Anderson became a pariah when he raised questions about his subdivision's land and the contamination underneath. The NFL is heating up, get all your picks here with the Metal Man.

A discussion on superfund contamination clean up
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